Pacific Northwest Umami Burger Recipe. 1/4 teaspoon of Cajun seasoning (like Slap Ya Mama ), or to taste. Heat to inch vegetable oil in a skillet over medium-high heat. Well, the address is technically 101 Thornhill Drive, Hattiesburg, MS, but if you decide to visit Hattiesburg, just stop I'm showing you my take on one of America's strangest hamburgers, and certainly the hamburger with the strangest name. Add the , See Also: Burger Recipes, Keto RecipesShow details, WebJuicy Low Carb Smash Burgers Directions STEP 1 Preheat grill Preheat grill to 450 to 500 degrees F. Divide ground beef into 6 equal portions. The well known slugburger served at Borroum's Drugstore. Southern Living's Annual Recipes. For more on slugburgers, you can watch The Trail of the Slugburger, a six and a halfminute video from Southern Foodways. John Weeks brought this recipe from Chicago to Corinth, Mississippi, in 1917. Shape meat into burgers, grill. Janice helps her son, Robert Hudson, run BJs Corner Caf in Iuka. Bake or broil until internal temperature is 160 degrees F for 15 seconds. Use your hands and mix very, very well. 90 Second Keto Bread. Step 2: Add the ground beef and grated butter to a mixing bowl. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Well, actually my first thought was, I'm glad this doesn't have slugs in it. Close the lid tightly and shake vigorously! Necessity was really the mother of the invention of this enduring local foodway. Gradually pour the beef stock over the bread, mixing until the bread is moist and all of the liquid is absorbed. The Burger Recipe At This Mississippi Caf Hasn't Changed Since 1947 Posted in Mississippi American, Food & Dining January 12, 2022 by Daniella DiRienzo The Slugburger From The White Trolley Caf In Mississippi Is So Good That The Recipe Hasn't Changed Since 1947 This is all I could find. fresh parsley, finely chopped 1 tsp. Required fields are marked *. Patty out burgers and coat with flour for frying. Mayonnaise - You can use regular, light, or low-fat. When people endure both economic despair and prosperity, they dont forget the cooks or the meals that sustained them. I love to pick up older ones . Oh, and theyre fried. Bring to a boil, then let simmer in order to reduce slightly. Just use your favorite. Transfer the seasoning to an airtight container and refrigerate until ready to use. So I present to you Tony Ricans version of the Mississippi Slug Burger and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did! When meat is ready, grind it up in a food processor in two batches. Several years ago, we found a section on burgers from different states. Layer the chunks on a sheet pan and put them in the freezer to chill for about 15-20 minutes (this will make the meat easier to grind in your processor.) Ginger-Sesame Pork Burgers with Slaw Former F&W Senior Associate Recipe Developer Melissa Rubel Jacobson adds scallions, fresh ginger, garlic, and sesame oil to ground pork to make juicy. 1/4 tsp onion powder In Mississippi Has Over 13 Different Burgers To Choose From, Order A Burger And A Pint While You Play With Puppies At This Only-In-Mississippi Tap House, The Tiny Jimmys Seaside Burgers And Wings In Mississippi Serves Fries To Die For, Much More Than A Bait Shop, Clays House Of Pig In Mississippi Serves Up BBQ Thats Sure To Hit The Spot, Sink Your Teeth Into Some Of The States Best Burgers When You Visit Rural Mississippis Skeetburger Snackshop, Home Of The 1/2-Pound Lot-O-Burger, Frosty Mug In Mississippi Shouldnt Be Passed Up. Cook until browned and crisp, about 4 minutes per side. Join Date: Jun 2006. Powered by American Hometown Media, Inc. Seating area inside of the Butcher Block Restaurant. Grilled Lemon Chicken with Thyme and Lemon Mississippi Comeback Sauce Mississippi Comeback Sauce, a Mississippi original in the same family as Fry Sauce, Thousand Island and Cocktail Sauce, it's SO good you'll be back for more!! In the years since, shes had the privilege of having her articles appear in several publications, such as Parents & Kids Magazine and Girl Meets Strong. And, of course, burgers. Mix the melted cheese and cream cheese together. Drain the green chiles. On this occasion though, the beef slugburger was the winner. Being from Mississippi myself I have made the slug burger not knowing the history just knowing that I grew up on them. Ever dined at White Trolley Caf? Copyright 2022 Created by Double G Media. In a small. In time, Yummm could join our list of go-to donut shops. If ever there were a restaurant that embodied the mantra, If it aint broke, dont fix it, its White Trolley Caf! Originally called Weeksburgers, in the Fifties, soy grits replaced the potato and flour. Back then, the burgers were sold for a nickel, thereby giving them their memorable name: slugburgers. The patties wereand still areextended with grain so that it lasts longer, makes your money go farther, and fills your belly longer. She describes her work history as a testament to her late father, Thurman Braddock, who passed onto Janice a piece of advice that serves as the spine of her own work ethic. No matter what they're called, hamburgers in North Mississippi have one thing in common: the patties are mixed with a little bit of meat and mostly filler, like soymeal, bread crumbs, flour, or potato flakes. 1 yellow onion, sliced into thin-cut half-moon shapes Sliced American cheese tablespoon of vegetable oil Salt and pepper Cooked bacon, optional Pickle chips, optional Hamburger buns For the Secret Burger Sauce: cup of mayonnaise cup of ketchup teaspoon of garlic powder teaspoon of ground red pepper teaspoon of salt Patties of the mix are fried in canola oil and served with mustard, dill pickles, and onions on a slider bun. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Tweet @FoodieScore or comment on one of our posts! Make the crust mixture. Knead the dough by hand for 2 3 , See Also: Keto Recipes, Low Carb RecipesShow details, WebThe Best Keto Pizza Crust Recipe Ever. The Slugburger is made into small patties, which are fried in canola oil. Pulse a few times until the meat is thoroughly ground. Best to you. Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: Triple D Nation. 1. Remember, White Trolley Caf doesnt accept debit or credit cards. Penn Hamburgers, Decatur, AL, Sign up for the Food Network Shopping Newsletter Privacy Policy, KFC Brings Back Its Mind-Boggling Bunless Chicken Sandwich, The Double Down, The Key Food Moments You May Have Missed in The Last of Us, Peeps-Flavored Pepsi Makes Its Adorable Return, KitchenAids 2023 Color of the Year Is Hibiscus, Subway Will Now Be Slicing Meat Fresh at Each of Its Locations, 5 Best Non-Alcoholic Gins, According to a Spirits Expert, Everything You Need To Cook Like Emily Mariko, 25 Get Well Soon Gifts That Show How Much You Care, 6 Best Whiskeys, According to a Spirits Expert, These Cord Organizers Save Your Kitchen From Clutter, Enter Daily for Your Chance to Win $10,000. We call counterfeit coins slugs; this sandwich filling is a culinary counterfeit posing as a burger. Cook until well browned and crusty, 3 to 4 minutes per side. If they are not and particularly in the days when they were fried in lard, a cold Slugburger could bear some visual resemblance to the garden pest that is in the nickname. Shape into eight patties. "If its hot and if its got the mustard, pickle, and onion, its just something that never goes away with you." We opt for cornmeal, which makes for incredibly crispy burgers, and add a little oatmeal (which is not at all traditional) for a heartier texture. Gently crumble and break apart the ground meat in a bowl. The burgers were originally called Weeksburgers after its inventor. Then add flour and gently mix together with the meat. Do you live in Mississippi and have a better slug burger recipe? Line the pan with parchment paper, then spray the parchment and the sides of the pan. Add the Lawry's seasoning and onion powder to the flour and stir. Adding flour was a great way to stretch hamburger meat. Step 2: While the grill is preheating, mix one envelope of au jus gravy mix per package instructions. (-) Information is not currently available for this nutrient. Coat patties in cracker crumbs. Once the pan is hot, pour a few tablespoons of water around the edge of the pan. For slugburgers, add two cups potato flakes and a cup of flour to one pound of ground beef, add a tablespoon each salt and pepper. 2023 Just A Pinch Recipe Club, LLC. Youve heard hillbilly rigging its what hillbilly dose when times are slim you rig something to hold you over till a trade of cash is found. Originating during the Great Depression in North Mississippiwith Corinth, Mississippi, as its arguable headquartersthe slugburger came about when restaurant owners stretched scarce burger meat with filler (stories vary, but it seems that potato flakes and flour were likely what was used). Add mushrooms, stock, stout, 1 tsp. One stick of butter looks like a lot when it's grated, but remember it's still only one stick. These tasty sandwiches were a huge hit with our friends during football season. Gruyere and Egg Burgers. LOL! Bring a small pot of oil to 350F. Bake in the center of the preheated oven until dry and toasted, about 45 minutes. 5 mins each side. I get asked, why is it called a slug burger!? Even when we share what we call #FoodieScore Original recipes, we know that theyre only our original take and not the first ever made. Homemade Patty Melt Recipes That Beat the Diner's, How to Make Chick-fil-A Sandwiches at Home, My Favorite Sam's Club Find For Making Copycat Chick-fil-A Sandwiches Is on Sale Right Now, Pulled Chicken Sloppy Joes (Sloppy Chickens), This Is the Correct Way to Layer Condiments on a Burger. Melissa Pelkey Hass, Waleska, Georgia. Our thoughts after trying our first slugburgers at home. You can add a little flour if needed. Thanks some much for the history and the video. A doughburger with melted cheese at Latham's Hamburger Inn with plenty of mustard and napkins nearby. Some peopleme includeddust the patties with flour before deep-frying in canola oil. Tapping his knowledge of the beef processing industry, he devised a recipe for a new "burger" that allowed him to save money on the meat (and which ensured his guests saved money on their meals as well). We offer a sincere apology. salt and 1 tsp. Slugburgers have ties to the Depression-era practice of saving a little money by stretching out meat by adding in other ingredients. 210,404 hits on #FoodieScore - and counting. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Your email address will not be published. Start this off by taking out a stovetop pan, turning your , WebIn a large bowl, add dough ingredients and mix well. As we stated multiple times in the recipe, you can use any filler you like, and we in no way say that the recipe we shared was the absolute original. To make that claim on any food would be nearly impossible, as recipes are always adapted to meet ones tastes and resources. 1 cup vegetable oil for frying, or as needed, cup prepared yellow mustard, or to taste, 1 pinch chili powder, or to taste (Optional), 1 pinch cayenne pepper, or to taste (Optional). Hit me up let me know, I am 100% open to improving my recipes to better fit! 1/4 tsp salt We use a combination of ground beef and ground pork, but you could use all of one or the other to simplify the ingredient list. Posts: 4856. says David Kidd. Spray the burger on both sides with the oil , See Also: Burger Recipes, Cheese RecipesShow details, WebKeto Low Carb Instructions Preparing the fathead dough- melt cream cheese and mozzarella in a microwave safe dish. We will keep that in mind as we continue to share food we love with others who love food, too. Place frozen hash brown patties in the bottom of a baking dish sprayed with cooking spray . So, when I discovered the Slugburger after a viewer's request, my first thought was, I really need to make this. But prices were different nearly a century ago, and times were tight then, too. Set aside. Preheat the oven to 425F. Photography by Sara Wood. While the burger cooks, spray your piece of Lo-Dough with water and roll out a little flat between to pieces of the silicone paper from it's , WebAdd the almond flour, psyllium husk powder (sprinkle dont dump), and egg to the cheese mixture. Memphis or KC ribs? Form into patties, on the thin side. Powered by the ESHA Research Database 2018, ESHA Research, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Enjoy it up there in Wisconsin! To prepare this Mississippi Sin Dip recipe: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Cut the ham into medium dice. By Tony Rican Adapted from Average Guy Gourmet Share this: Like this: Hard-working people in working-class counties consume slugburgers in small downtowns where railroads howl through daily. This makes about 8 burgers. All the flavours of Brazil crammed into one epic mouthful - peri peri sauce, streaky bacon, chimichurri, creamy lime and avocado mayo, sweet and sour pickled pink onions, and cumin-spiced onion rings. The soy meal gives the burgers a tender interior, crunchy exterior and a hearty taste. Place slices on the prepared baking sheet. And you'll stretch a pound of meat into six very satisfying burgers. It's a bit of extra effort but take the challenge and you'll be rewarded with a gold-medal burger. If the cheese is not fully melted, add it back to the microwave for another 30 seconds. Seriously, this recipe couldnt be cut down to a normal amount? Its a very different kind of burger, because its flatter and crispier than a typical burger. 4 buns. There is a little town in Northeast Mississippi called Corinth, and its claim to fame is the Slugburger aburger patty mixed with flour and soy meal and then deep fried until well done. Low Carb Pretzels Recipe. In 1917, a gentleman named John Weeks headed South from Chicago to Corinth, Mississippi. [Laughs]., After a year recording oral histories about these hamburgers, I have come to believe that they are not simple products of nostalgia. All rights reserved.Terms of use and Privacy Policy, Everything is Better as a Philly Cheese Steak, The Easy Puerto Rican Cookbook Giveaway OFFICIAL RULES. A Mississippi hamburgeror slugburger or doughburger or Weeksburgercontains various origin stories, and most of these stories point to the town of Corinth as the beginning of the tradition. Add the 3 tablespoons of milk and mix gently.Mixture should be moist not at all gooey. Mollys Take: The slugburger reminded me of a livermush sandwich, too, most notably because of its consistency. An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. Owner Don Knight serves a classic doughburger at Johnnie's Drive Inn. I did add some seasoning to the mixture, since we're not in the middle of a full-blown depressionyetbut, I think these would be just fine with nothing more than salt. So, did you know about this burger joint in Mississippi? Use your thumb to press an indentation into the center of each patty. In a large skillet, cook diced ham over medium-high heat until all of the liquid has been released. Stir well to incorporate everything fully.
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