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About Srivilliputhur Palkova

We are the pioneer of “Srivilliputhur Palkova” all over India as retail and wholesale. We provide of “Srivilliputhur Palkova” in cheap rate with best class. The mere mention of “Srivilliputhur” will yield just one quick and sweet response and that is” Srivilliputhur Palkova”. , fresh and yummy, this “Srivilliputhur Palkova” will instantly light up the faces you talk to. Infact, if were to visit “Srivilliputhur” and don’t come with Palkova people will frown at you. So here is a chance taste it through online.

Our “srivilliputhur palkova” preparation was established in the year of 1980 and it clinched the good name in market and become reputed in short period because of our hygienic, high quality and traditional method of preparing. Considering peoples’, passion of tasting “srivilliputhur palkova” we have come forward for online selling to make our delicious palkova reach your hand.

When you a purchase or order the sweets from us we value each and every customer in a devoted manner to make you to have a happiness. Our website which provides you to order it through online and to make our status range to be high. We are specialized in “Srivilliputhur Palkova” in Tamilnadu and it’s our proud to deliver all over India. Our website offerings legendary in their eminence and taste.

Why Srivilliputhur palkova?

  1. Milk are collected from our own dairy farm which is located at the foot of western ghats. So milk is rich in cream, nutrients and give traditional taste.
  2. Since large amount of preparation will spoil the traditional taste , only 3kgpalkovais prepared on every pan.
  3. Only nut shells and fire woods are used to clinch the traditional taste. Gas stoves are not used.
  4. Traditional clay made stoves are used for preparing traditional taste.

History of Srivilliputhur and its Temples:

It is believed that a long time ago Srivilliputhur was just a forest.It was called Shenbagaranyam (forest of Shenbaga trees). In his Varaga avatar, Lord Vishnu came there for a rest under a banyan tree after annihilating Kalanemi an asura king. Villi and puttan were brothers and hunters. In one of their hunting adventure Villi lost his brother to a tiger. He was saddened. In his dream appeared Lord Vishnu and told about the Banyan tree and asked to go to to the cave. Villi found out not only the idols of Vatapatrasayee-sri Vishnu in resting posture- but also fell upon a treasure of gold and silver. Using all the wealth Villi created Villiputtur and the temple of Vatapatrasayee. It was later renovated by Periyalvar, Pandiyas and Nayaka Kings.


Periyalwar was originally Garudalwar- the Vaganam of Lord Vishnu. On Lord Vishnu’s orders Garudalwar was born as Periyalwar.The other name is Vishnu Sittar. Periyalwar made garlands for his Lord Vatapatrasayee. He gave lectures on the philosophy of ‘saranagathi’; sung poems on God. Once he won the debates at Pandya Raja sabhai.

The king gifted him with enormous wealth.Perialwar used the money to renovate the temple.

One day to his surprise, in his garden, Vishnusittar found out the divine girl whom he named as Kothai. Actually the girl was the reincarnation of Boomadevi one of the consorts of Lord Vishnu. She was sent to Viliputtur on her own wishes to serve Periyalwar and Lord Vatapatra sayee.


Thus Andal became the foster child of Periyalwar. She became very devoted to Lord Vatapatrasayee. She plucked flowers and made garlands for the lord. But every day she wore the garlands, and then she sent them for the God. On noticing this conduct, Periyalwar felt very sorry. He scolded the child. He prepared fresh garland and offered it to Lord. But to his dismay, Patrasayee did not accept the garlands. Instead he demanded the garlands worn by Kothai Nachiyar.Immediately Periyalwar understood that Andal was a divine being. From that day onwards she became to be known as ‘Soodithantha Sudarkodi’.

The devotion wasn’t contained to flower making alone. Andal wrote hymns on Lord Krishna- Thiruppavai- 30 poems of devotion and love. She vowed to marry Lord Vishnu. Later Perialwar and Andal traveled to Srirangam on the instructions of Lord Ranganatha.There she got married to Lord Ranganatha and her soul got merged with the Lord.Periayalwar returned after marriage and built the Sri Andal temple during 7-8th centuries. In reverence to Andal and Periyalwar, Villiputtur has become Srivilliputhur. Sri represents ‘Sridevi’, ‘Lakshmi’ in Sanskrit.

History of Palkova

Palkova is a milk sweet which is enriched with the pure milk in a thick manner without mixing a single drop of water. The only sweet which is added to it is a quantity of sugar into the milk. This product is termed to palkova. It is an eggless milk recepie. Thepalkova is also known as MILK PEDA.

“Srivilliputhur” is the place which is famous for palkova because Srivilliputhur is also famous for the milk society, due to that milk production leads to the manufacturing for palkova. The Srivilliputhur Milk Cooperative Society Ltd. and other local dealers started the production of the sweet from 1977 after the white revolution in the 1970s. Thus, palkova production is the mainly productivity base in Srivilliputhur. Srivilliputhur is the one and only place in Tamilnadu which is recognised by the government.

These latest developments however do not stop us from continuing the traditional tastes and recipes. Palkova is basically an Indian sweet made by simmering milk until it reduces to about half of its original quantity. Vitamins A and B in milk can help to build sharp eyesight. Milk has also been show to help lower risk of certain cancers.Milk is a great source of calcium, which is essential for healthy and strong bones. If you did not wish to have milk have a “Srivilliputhur Palkova”.

Preparation of Palkova

Sriviliputhur Palkova is prepared in a old authentic method. At first a large wok will be heated by burning nutshells and then about 10 liters of milk will be poured into the wok which will be stirred or some time. Later one and a quarter kg of sugar will be added to the boiling milk and need to stir around 45 minutes which will make the milk into a three kg sticky semi solid state. Then we need to pour the content to an cooling tray and let it cool for sometime which will become ready to eat. This is how famous Sriviliputhu palkova is prepared.